Forknote 2.1.2 Release

Forknote 2.1.2 was released.


  • Core changed to Bytecoin 2.1.2
  • simplewallet hanging issues fixed
  • daemon sync problems for some networks fixed
  • minor bugs fixed

You can download this release from here:

Forknote 2.1.1 Release

Forknote 2.1.1 was released.


  • Core changed to Bytecoin 2.1.1

Configuration variables changes:

  • MIN_MIXIN - minimum mixin amount. Not enforced by default on blockchain level
  • MIXIN_START_HEIGHT - use to define the maximum height of a blockchain
  • MANDATORY_MIXIN_BLOCK_VERSION - Enforce minimum mixin MIN_MIXIN on blockchain level, after block with major version bigger than MANDATORY_MIXIN_BLOCK_VERSION

You can download this release from here:

Replay attack protection for Forknote blockchains

To protect your transactions from replay attacks, use in your config MIN_MIXIN greater than 0 and MIXIN_START_HEIGHT equal or greater than the fork’s height.

Example for Dashcoin and Dashcoin Minergate:

Example for Quazarcoin Forknote and Quazarcoin Minergate:

Forknote 1.0.11 Release

Forknote 1.0.11 was released.


  • Core changed to Bytecoin 1.0.11
  • enable-cors option added to the daemon
  • enable-blockchain-indexes option added to the daemon

Configuration variables changes:

  • CRYPTONOTE_COIN_VERSION - enables the support for Cryptonote coin clones
  • KILL_HEIGHT - use to define the maximum height of a blockchain
  • MANDATORY_TRANSACTION - only blocks with more than 1 real transaction (excluding the base transaction) are valid

You can download this release from here:

Currently, Forknote support those networks:

Forknote Release

Forknote was released.

Since Bytecoin hardforks at this version, because of the new block size, all existing Forknote blockchains (Dashcoin, Magnatoj, Ethanolium, …) hardforked or will hardfork as well. We urge everyone to update since old wallets won’t be able to support new block sizes.


  • Core changed to Bytecoin 1.0.10 (more info (
  • –config-file option of forknoted and simplewallet is now mandatory

Configuration variables changes:


You can download this release from here:

Forknote Release

Forknote was released.

Changes in this version:

  • Core changed to Bytecoin
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Bug fixes affecting premined coins
  • ‘walletd –local’ now works

Forknote 1.0.9 Release

Forknote’s core has been updated to Bytecoin v1.0.9.

Bytecoin v1.0.9 introduces major changes in the RPC Wallet. We can highlight the following features among the new ones:

  • An option for backup or transferring RPC Wallet keys to another server. Using the ‘getSpendKeys’ and ‘getViewKey’ functions, you can get every private key managed by the Wallet. Later you can save them in a secure storage or install on another server using the ‘reset’ and ‘createAddress’ functions.

  • Delayed transactions. This tool allows you to validate transaction parameters, lock the outputs for a transaction, calculate a hash etc. before sending the transaction into the network. We have introduced the concept of delayed transactions in order to make sure that a transaction passes all checks before being sent.

  • The new API allows for operating with the blockchain directly. For instance, there are functions now that allow a developer to get the list of hashes of the last blocks or transactions. It is also possible to get data on certain Payment ID or certain address managed by RPC Wallet from a range of blocks.

Bytecoin’s announcement:

Forknote Wallet Release

Forknote has been updated to version featuring various RPC methods added to the daemon:

The new version of Forknote is available in the downloads section.

Cryptonote generator documentation added

Documentation for the Cryptonote generator was added. With the generator you can generate a separate source of any Forknote coins. This ability is valuable if you need an actual source or you want to extend the functionality of a coin.

The way to extend the functionality of a Forknote coin is through extensions. This ensures that the development of your coin constantly matches that of Bytecoin.

What the actual positives of using the generator instead of merging?

  • In most of the cases it will save you the actual merging process
  • It will save you the merge conflicts

The downside is writing extensions is slower than writing just a C code. But since the extensions are pure json, the process CAN be reduced to just writing a C code.

Documentation added to Forknote

Documentation was added for:

Guides for the most common questions were created: