Daemon configuration and commands

Command line options

  --help                                Produce help message
  --version                             Output version information
  --data-dir arg (=/Users/USER/.forknote)
                                        Specify data directory
  --config-file arg (=./configs/-.conf) Specify configuration file

  --allow-local-ip                      Allow local ip add to peer list

  --print-genesis-tx                    Prints genesis block transaction hex and exits
  --genesis-block-reward-address arg (=FPM...yR)   
                                        Addresses for premined coins

Command line options and settings options

Option Description
log-file A name of log file that you want to use for logging.
log-level Level of logging. Default is 1.
no-console Disable daemon console commands
testnet Used to deploy test nets. Checkpoints and hardcoded seeds are ignored, network id is –data-dir flag. The wallet must be launched with –testnet flag.
rpc-bind-ip Specify ip to bind rpc server
rpc-bind-port Specify port to bind rpc server
p2p-bind-ip Interface for p2p network protocol
p2p-bind-port Port for p2p network protocol
p2p-external-port External port for p2p network protocol (if port forwarding used with NAT)
add-peer Manually add peer to local peerlist
add-priority-node Specify list of peers to connect to and attempt to keep the connection open
add-exclusive-node Specify list of peers to connect to only. If this option is given the options add-priority-node and seed-node are ignored
seed-node Connect to a node to retrieve peer addresses, and disconnect
hide-my-port Do not announce yourself as peerlist candidate
extra-messages-file Specify file for extra messages to include into coinbase transactions
start-mining Specify wallet address to mining for
mining-threads Specify mining threads count
enable-cors Adds header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ to the daemon’s RPC responses
enable-blockchain-indexes Enable blockchain indexes

Blockchain options

Option Description
BYTECOIN_NETWORK Used for network packages in order not to mix two different cryptocoin networks
CRYPTONOTE_BLOCK_GRANTED_FULL_REWARD_ZONE The maximum size of a block not resulting into penelty.
CRYPTONOTE_BLOCK_GRANTED_FULL_REWARD_ZONE_V1 The maximum size of a block not resulting into penelty. Used by (v1) blockchains
CRYPTONOTE_BLOCK_GRANTED_FULL_REWARD_ZONE_V2 The maximum size of a block not resulting into penelty. Used by (v2) blockchains
CRYPTONOTE_COIN_VERSION Use ‘1’ for Cryptonote coin clones (the new version)
CRYPTONOTE_DISPLAY_DECIMAL_POINT 1 coin = 10^(this value) atomic units
CRYPTONOTE_MINED_MONEY_UNLOCK_WINDOW Number of blocks to unlock miner transactions
CRYPTONOTE_NAME Cryptonote name. Used for storage directory
CRYPTONOTE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS_BASE58_PREFIX Prefix of the wallet address. Since the rules for address prefixes are nontrivial you may use a prefix generator
DEFAULT_DUST_THRESHOLD The amount bellow this value will be considered as dust
DIFFICULTY_CUT Timestamps to cut after sorting
DIFFICULTY_CUT_V1 Timestamps to cut after sorting. Used by (v1) blockchains
DIFFICULTY_CUT_V2 Timestamps to cut after sorting. Used by (v2) blockchains
DIFFICULTY_LAG Lag of calculating the difficulty in terms of blocks
DIFFICULTY_LAG_V1 Lag of calculating the difficulty in terms of blocks. Used by (v1) blockchains
DIFFICULTY_LAG_V2 Lag of calculating the difficulty in terms of blocks. Used by (v2) blockchains
DIFFICULTY_TARGET Difficulty target is an ideal time period between blocks. Measured in seconds.
DIFFICULTY_WINDOW Window length for calculation the difficulty
DIFFICULTY_WINDOW_V1 Window length for calculation the difficulty. Used by (v1) blockchains
DIFFICULTY_WINDOW_V2 Window length for calculation the difficulty. Used by (v2) blockchains
EMISSION_SPEED_FACTOR Constant defines emission curve slope. This parameter is required to calulate block reward.
EXPECTED_NUMBER_OF_BLOCKS_PER_DAY Expected number of blocks per day. Used to correct errors
GENESIS_BLOCK_REWARD Amount of premined coins. In atomic units
GENESIS_COINBASE_TX_HEX The hex of the transaction in the genesis block
KILL_HEIGHT End blockchain at height
MANDATORY_MIXIN_BLOCK_VERSION Enforce minimum mixin MIN_MIXIN on blockchain level, after block with major version bigger than MANDATORY_MIXIN_BLOCK_VERSION
MANDATORY_TRANSACTION Only blocks with more than 1 transactions are valid (exluding the base transaction)
MAX_BLOCK_SIZE_INITIAL The size of the initial block. Used to correct error in v1 coins
MIN_MIXIN minimum mixin amount. Not enforced by default on blockchain level
MINIMUM_FEE Transactions with less than this fee wouldn’t be accepted by daemons
MIXIN_START_HEIGHT minimum block height of the used outputs for mixin
MONEY_SUPPLY Total amount of coins to be emitted.
P2P_STAT_TRUSTED_PUB_KEY P2P stat trusted pub key
TAIL_EMISSION_REWARD Block reward will never drop below this value.
UPGRADE_HEIGHT_V2 Block hight to move to blocks with major version 2. Use ‘1’ for new blockchains
UPGRADE_HEIGHT_V3 Block hight to move to blocks with major version 3. Use ‘2’ for new blockchains
ZAWY_DIFFICULTY_BLOCK_INDEX Activates Zawy difficulty after certain block height

Example of a config file

$ cat ./fakecoin.conf





Daemon commands

Command Description Args
help print forknoted commands -
start_mining Start mining in several threads to a given wallet address [string] wallet_address
[uint] threads
stop_mining Stop mining -
show_hr Show current mining hashrate -
hide_hr Stop showing current mining hashrate -
exit Exit forknoted -
print_bc Print blockchain info in a given blocks range [uint] begin_height
[uint] end_height (optional)
print_block Print block [string] block_hash or [uint] block_height
print_cn Print connections -
print_pl Print peer list -
print_pool Print transaction pool (long format) -
print_pool_sh Print transaction pool (short format) -
set_log Change current log detailization level [uint] log level (0 - 4)
print_tx Print transaction [string] transaction_hash