A list of problems you may encounter on the way.

An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host


Nobody can connect to the seed node. forknoted on the seed node prints the following WARNING

2015-Sep-22 22:51:12.627019 WARNING [node_server] [ INC] Exception in 
connectionHandler: TcpConnection::read, WSAGetOverlappedResult failed, result=10054, 
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.


Coinbase transaction doesn’t use full amount of block reward


forknoted cannot start and prints the following ERROR

20:41:36.303639 ERROR Coinbase transaction doesn't use full amount of block reward: spent 70.368744177663, block reward is 1844674.407370955160
20:41:36.303736 INFO Block <5668876f735d91e7a4b7230dedddfeead0004e83a913eb1d8782101c5f8fc13a> has invalid miner transaction
20:41:36.303830 ERROR Failed to add genesis block to blockchain
20:41:36.303898 ERROR Failed to initialize blockchain storage
20:41:36.303960 ERROR Failed to initialize core

This error occurs when the loaded blockchain has different parameters than the configuration file.


Delete the blockchain folder.

On Windows delete this folder:


On Linux/OSX:

$ rm -rf ~/.YOURCOIN/